A Few Favourites From 2018

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I thought I would share a few Makeup items I loved in 2018! This was hard to choose as I have loved most of the makeup I have used, but these are the products I have used most or have repurchased and know I will again this year.

The first products is a Topshop highlighter. Now I feel like I am late to the game on this one as I know Topshop makeup was a big thing a few years ago, but I picked up this one in a sale and have used it most days since. I have it in the colour Eclipse . It gives a really pretty glow to your checks I also love that it has a more pinky tone to it rather than being   a more white/silver colour.


Next up is a Nº7 foundation which is the beautifully matte foundation in the shade cool vanilla. I love this foundation! I have quite oily/ acne prone skin and find this foundation stays on so well. Now with my skin no foundation will stay on all day for me but I find this lasts a good while and when I get oily or it starts coming off it doesn’t go caky or patchy which is great. I can early happy power or put a bit more of the foundation on and it looks good again. I would totally recommend this foundation.


The next two products are the Revolution conceal and define concealer and the L’Oreal paradise mascara. The concealer  has been talked about everywhere and its so good and really affordable. I have it in shade c1 and c2. Its really good for putting under your eyes and to cover spots. I have the mascara in the waterproof formula as for my every mascara always prints on my eyelids. I will usually use another mascara first, which varies day to day and then I will put this one on top as I love the volume and length is add.


The final product is not actually makeup (but is does remove it).  It is the simple dual effect eye makeup remover. This removes waterproof mascara so well without feeling like I really have to rub my eyes. This is because it contains cleansing oil as well as the the micellar water so is delicate on the eyes.


I hope you have enjoyed reading! Leave a comment of your favourites from 2018!

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