Snow Day

Like most of the UK we had a lot of snow where I live so of course I am going to blog about it. Personally I love the snow and think it looks so pretty. What I don’t like is when I am meant to be at work with no way of getting there because they cancelled all the buses and can’t get my car off the drive. It makes me feel so guilty, but is does mean I got to spend the day watching my dogs play in it.

This was my puppy Loki’s first experience of snow and he loved it and was in and out ken the garden all morning.  My older dogs Oscar loves the snow as well, which is funny as he hate water to the point he walks around a puddle on his walk 😂. It was so cute to see them both running and jumping though the snow. Although its was fun and games until they have to go in the bath to get off all the snow that stuck to them. Below are some photos from my snow day!

2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Wow there’s loads! We didn’t get this much snow where I live 😨 It was super heavy at night but by the time morning had come it had half melted🙁 year after year i love seeing my dogs reaction to the snow xx


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