NOº7 Foundation

Recently I have been using more products by NO°7 and the Beautifully Matte foundation has now become one of my favourites. I have it in the colour cool vanilla, which is one of the paler shades. I love that it has a medium to full coverage that is buildable, which is great as I can easily touch up the foundation during the day if I need without it looking cakey.

It has more of a matte finish as it is suited for people with normal to oily skin (which is me), and it has SPF 15 in it so is great in the summer months. I think the foundation feels light on the skin and doesn’t dry it out even though it has a matte finish. For me the foundation stays on most of the day, and can easily be touched up with powder when I start to look a bit oily.

This is definitely a foundation I would recommend trying out!!

3 thoughts on “NOº7 Foundation

  1. I have heard a lot about this foundation but never tried it myself. Being able to touch it up throughout the day is definitely a benefit!


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