For me acne has been something I have suffered with since I was about 12 and now being 21 thats almost 10 years!  I have decided to document my journey to clearing me skin here on my blog. I go on holiday in about 2 months and by that point I want to feel comfortable with the way my skin looks, as I also suffer with acne on my back and not just my face.

At the moment to try and clear my back I have started to use the Biore charcoal soap bar as I read a lot of review that this is really good for acne and I have found it really hard to find many products that are designed to work for back acne. I then use a back spray. The ones I have are the Superdrug Deep Action spot clearing body spritz and the Boots tea tree and witch hazel back spray.


I have recently changed up my skincare routine a bit and I will be doing updates on here so show  you what products I am using and how the products are working.

 Thank you for reading!

Leave a comment below of and suggestions of skincare thats good for clearing acne!


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